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Welcome to Ulep Training Blades!

Ulep Training Blades started as a hobby for Robert. With the high cost of blades, Robert knew he could design and craft his own. Robert's custom blades caught the interest of his classmates at his filipino martial arts training school. The request for custom blades continued to grow and so he turned his garage into a makeshift blade production studio. This studio became what we know today as Ulep Training Blades.

Robert's craft quickly became more demanding. This caught the interest of his youngest son, Gabe, to help his father design and develop these training blades. His father was more than happy to take his son as an apprentice. Quickly, they became a team of two hand crafting quality training blades.

Robert and Gabe replicate real martial arts knives, swords and daggers for training purposes. These blades are strictly handmade and never outsourced. The quality and shine of these blades are unique and exist only here. They are sure to fool you into thinking these are real blades that can cut your head off!

You can view these special blades here or visit us at our next martial arts tournament or seminar. Check back often for a schedule of these dates. In the meantime please check out the amazing training blades provided on this site which are available for purchase.